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R Das:
(Robin Das/Rabin Das)
Independent Filmmaker From India.
Filography:1.lovers’s Paradise(2003)(dcu) : Bagged prestigious “ BFJA” award for BEST DIRECTOR 2004 . 2.Jaliwnwala bag of Bengal (2004).(dcu) .
3.Aya Chand Mama( 2005)(sh)-screened at 6 International film festival like cannes merche du film,Clermont Ferrand fm,Kolkata International Film fest……. 4. The Missing President And His Army (2007)(dcu) . 6.MAN,FREEDOM& GOD.august2007 (docu).screened at jazeera International docu film fest 2008,Free Sprit Film Fest,Government of Kerela Documentary film fest.etc incuding 8 national & International film fest. 7.PEACE(Short Feature},Bebulgum film fest,Clermont ferrand festival mk. 8.Window Call U –Oblo Intl Film fest,FFSI film fest 9.Ek Paye Royecho Dariye.91min.Feature.2012.-Cyprus Intl' Film Festival.2012
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Jaliwanwalabag Of Bengal Survey

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

R dAs's Film details

Filmmaker:ROBIN DAS
Filmography: 1.LOVERS’ PARADISE :Bagged “Best Director” Award from BFJA (video) for documentary. 2004.
2.JALIWANWALABAG OF BENGAL, 2004. highly appreciated By media.
3.AYA CHAD MAMA, 2005. can2006 Lecister intenational film festival,Aireland.,
SIGN2006 film festival for John Abraham national awards..
Clermont Ferrand film festival,f m 2007,France.
4.AYA CHAD MAMA, 2007. Short.
6.PEACE, ONE MINUTE SHORT ,2007.screened at various web fest.
7.MAN,FREEDOM &GOD,FEATURE DOCU,2007.docu. screened at Federation of Film Societies Film Fest,Trivandram., Aljazeera Int’l film fest,Qatar,
kerala intl’ video film fest 2008.
8.window call u,short feature,2008.
9.Ek Paye Royecho Dariye(And Lost Soul)(Debut Feature film)2012.91min
Cyprus International Film Festival 2012.

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